Danny Boyle – Director Dissection

This was an audio visual essay I edited, wrote and starred in for History and Future of the Moving Image apart of a group of two. We were tasked with choosing a person to analyze from British cinema, so naturally being that I had already seen his films and love them, Danny Boyle was the first option.

In hindsight, I spent too much time in the research phase for this assessment thus having too much footage in the edit room whilst also having not enough time to edit. This ultimately ended up affecting the final product as although the information is interesting and well researched, I didn’t utilize the visual medium to its full potential. Also if I had an opportunity to redo this project I would re-record the audio to some cutaways of me talking into camera for a more personal experience and also due to the fact that some of the audio peaks or doesn’t sound natural.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the process of delving deep into a directors work, researching notable critics observations and also coming to my own new insights. This process essentially gives me new weapons for the film makers arsenal.

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